About us

Since 2011, we at Ecolite have been buidling up a happy clientelle of CooLED customers, who insist on competitive pricing but will not tolerate low end mass market China products. We are very grateful for our pioneer customers that have given us a foothold in the marketplace and invite you to grow along with us. 

Our vision in LED lighting drove our expansion in 2012 to include a dedicated local assembly line in our operations. Needless to say, this came along with a stringent Quality Control component in line with the policies of our principals. Our subsequent growth in the Malaysian market with even more competitive pricing, better quality control and more customization for you. .  

We pledge to continue building partnerships with resellers, installers and customers while providing long term, stable, and reliable integral technology products & services.

Our Quality Policy:

We are committed to produce innovative, reliable & credible products to meet our customers' highest expectations, while continuing to improve and comply with laws & regulations.

Our Advantages:

- Custom color Tempreratures upon request.

- Made to order bespoke Light housings and architectural detailing

- Solution provider with simulation capabilities.

- 100% QC and strict ISO protocols ensure high quality and consistency from testing to assembly to delivery. ZERO Defect.

- We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified, among others. Certs available upon request. 


Our products are perfect in Indoor and outdoor lighting applications, Billboard, Signage, Housing, Office, Warehouses and Hospital, among others. Let us show you examples. In fact, call us for a Simulation Model and a cup of coffee.

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